A New Generation of Ewings?

16 Nov

I’ve heard some buzz about a resurrection of the famous Ewing family in recent months, and now here’s a more detailed update of what seems to be in the works.  A friend and fellow “Dallas” fan sent me the link today on Facebook, and now I’m here to blog about a blog!  Go figure.

You might recall the recent efforts for a “Dallas” feature movie, much like the joke that managed to get made of “The Dukes of Hazzard.”  Suffice to say, such productions tend to turn out abysmally, in my not-always-so-humble opinion.  The idea of John Travolta as J.R. Ewing was enough to keep me at home, looking at photos of Larry Hagman to remind myself that one, and only one, man is to play the role.  Fortunately, the feature movie plan fell apart.

Now, it appears the “real” J.R. is on his way to a comeback, yet again, and remarkably so.  I say:  “Better hurry up!”  Larry Hagman, now 15 years post-liver transplant, will turn 80 on his next birthday.  He’s now older than his ficticious TV “mama” or “daddy” ever were!  His time may be limited, though I hope not running out!

Still, a 2011 look at the Ewing family of Dallas is a wonderfully creative undertaking.  I really hope it happens.  Naturally I’d love to see at least cameo appearances by a large assortment of the classic and most infamous characters, more than just Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.  I suppose Ken Kercheval is a likely candidate, though unfortunately I’m guessing that Priscilla Presley, Victoria Principal and Morgan Brittney are not.  Of course, Howard Keel died in 2004 and Barbara Bel Geddes in 2005, so as the link mentions, their characters will have expired as well.

It’s time now for the new Ewing generation to come forth and entertain us like their elders did.  I look forward to seeing how successful they are in this regard.  At least J.R. will be there to guide them.

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