Video Roadblock

15 Nov

As I continue to play around with and learn the many features of my all-new version of WordPress, it occurred to me today that it’s time for me to try uploading some video here to my blog.  As I went about doing so, I quickly ran into an unexpected video roadblock.  Apparently, in order to upload video files directly from my computer to WordPress, I must initiate a “video upgrade” to my account.  This, however, is not free; rather, it costs $60 a year!  I sit here now wondering if this is worth it, for me at least, in this capacity, at this time.  My immediate answer is:  No.  As such, directly uploaded video files may be long in coming.  I can, however, post this link to a recent video on my Facebook account.  But then, if you’re not my Facebook friend, I wonder if you can see it.  Oh, the perils of today’s online technology!

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Posted by on November 15, 2010 in Daily Activities


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