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Here’s To “Exuberant Cheesiness”

Anyone like myself who grew up in Southern California during the 1970s and 80s– in earshot of a TV set that is– surely can hum the unmistakable jingle.  As a child in Woodland Hills, I could not have told you how to get to Long Beach.  However, having seen enough wacky car commercials with his dog Spot— again and again as intended– I knew that to “go see Cal” on Bellflower Boulevard meant a hot deal on a ’79 Cutlass Supreme.

Decades later I distinctly recall these iconic spots, unmatched in style, creativity and– to borrow the term– “exuberant cheesiness.”  They came from a man whose personality flourished in the right time and place, defining a bygone era of advertising firsts.  And now, after a long life memorably lived, he too has departed at age 92.  With a few chuckles along memory lane, we bid farewell to the one-and-only Cal Worthington.

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