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A Respectable Degree, Fingers Crossed.

Since when has there been any issue with the term elegant?  While the apt descriptor thrives in varying degrees, never have I sensed a negative connotation with its use.  Alas, I was momentarily taken aback.

Proposed TOTG logos

  Times, styles and terms change, fortunately and unfortunately.  Today, fondly recalling my satisfying visits to the debatably elegant “palace of kitsch” circa 2000, my curious anticipation of its pending reopening goes without saying.  For the final selection of bowls, plates, glasses and flatware with which we are ultimately presented, coupled with the long-in-coming new logo, among all else, I’m counting on a respectable degree of that apparently frowned-upon “elegance” here– at least as much as today’s seemingly not-so-old-fashioned, dress-code-adverse New Yorkers will allow.  Must “hip” come at the expense of “elegant,” after all?

Tavern sketch

In any event, the “new” Tavern on the Green will soon open its doors– hopefully in the right direction.  I’m looking forward to the experience on my next NYC visit, loss of “kitsch” noted.  My fingers are crossed.

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Avec British Spin…

As we’ve already known for a while now, it will begin in the United Kingdom.  While not a first, it’s all the more fitting this time around, given a defending champion of the same nation of course.

Behold, the route for the 2014 Tour de France has hereby been unveiled, avec distinctly British spin.

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Not My Last…

When heading far enough north on I-55 out of New Orleans, you’ll inevitably encounter one historical– and perhaps more importantly, tasty– site that’s a must-stop.  I speak of course of Middendorf’s, home of not just what’s been called “possibly the best fried fish in the world,” but also of what yours truly calls unique, delicious and downright worth the experience– the famous turtle soup!  While this month marked my first visit to the spirited yet understated establishment, along with my first taste of such a well-known delicacy, at least now I can say it’s definitely not my last, of either.  I have a feeling you’ll be saying the same.

Click for more photos.

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Laughs That Sell?

Any TV commercial that makes me laugh out loud simply has to be good, and this one takes the lead– starring one of my all-time favorite fictional comedy characters in a series of such spots.  Not to mention, to my satisfaction there’s an automobile involved here of course, while perhaps these new laughs will indeed trigger some sales– we’ll see.  Meanwhile, if only I can figure out where to score myself that fantastic suit!

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A Surprisingly Wonderful Drive

My first impression is finally reinforced.

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On a Somewhat Clear Day…

Come visit our dry, brown & hazy land by the sea anytime!

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When in Ojai…

Jimmy's Pub


Be it a bulging bleu cheese burger cooked deliciously rare, a copious crab roll crying out for a bit more flavor, an ample Absolut Peppar martini or simply a ready round of the gloriously garlic potato chips, choices abound.  The friendly service, peaceful atmosphere and comfortable accommodations come standard– whatever your selection might be.  

Jimmy’s Pub always awaits, stylishly yet quietly tucked away at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

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