The “Q” in Question.

16 Sep

Apparently it’s not 1990 anymore.  And I have to admit I wasn’t paying attention of late.  Upon first sight of a TV commercial for the all-new 2014 Infiniti Q50, instantly I thought:  “Oh good, it’s about time a full-size Q returns to the helm, a descendant of that which initiated the brand 24 years ago.  I can’t wait to get a look.”

The flagship Q of 1990.

Boy, was I wrong!  Upon investigation of Infiniti’s website confusion set in.  Then with further reading I sat corrected.  Unlike the old days, tomorrow’s Q is not attempting to keep pace with S, 8 or 7.  Rather, the return of the once-reigning letter kicks off Infiniti’s new nomenclature, a shift sure to put the “Q” in question.

The entry-level Q of 2014.

As for that look… well, as I’ve said before I say again, too many cars these days look alike.  In other words, I’m at first glance underwhelmed.  At this point I say the M remains Infiniti’s most unique and strongly styled model.  Oh, but wait– with everything starting with “Q”, so long “M.”  I better start paying attention!

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