The Naked Sight of It…

16 Nov

Something’s missing, so I thought upon sight of one of the newest TV commercials— it just looks naked.  Then upon personal investigation, I quickly assured myself that my sight is well intact.

Cadillac emblem history

Cadillac appears to be ushering in another change to its iconic and history-steeped emblem.  Notice, the ad tags we’re now seeing show no wreath surrounding the coat of arms.  I spotted this nakedness right away– and not to my delight.  Apparently some call the discarded element outdated– old-fashioned– obsolete.  Well, call me a traditionalist here.  As the wreath gives way to a so-called “cutting-edge” image, I’m sorry to see it go.

Take a good look at the above prominent logo, and picture it sans wreath.  A naked sight, no?

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