As Close As I Could Get…

31 Mar

They’re back, kind of.  I traveled to Las Vegas on the long-anticipated yet largely unplanned occasion of my 40th birthday, searching amidst the unruly masses for any remaining shreds of a bygone era.  Clearly such appealing elements weren’t to be found in a typical tourist’s wardrobe, as sadly enough no one dresses anymore.  In fact it’s perplexing and question-inducing when someone like yours truly actually does!  But this is beside the point.  (And not unique to Vegas, I know.)

“Back” to what I was saying:  I found them.  In case you’re looking for them too, they’re at Rio.  Boldly, stylishly and in true rambunctious form, as sure as you’ll cash out too late, The Rat Pack Is Back!  I imagined a Dean Martin Las Vegas dinner roast for my 40th, and thankfully I got as close as I could get.  Suffice to say, this “classic” performance did not disappoint.

"Dean" and me on my 40th

Friday, March 28, 2014



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