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‘Tis The Marshmallow Season…

Needless to say, the passing of Thanksgiving leads us right into Christmastime.  This means as trees go up and lights get strung, while parties kick into swing and egg nog flows, so comes the annual playing of my favorite classic Christmas duet performance.  Here’s to old-school shtick, Dean-and-Frank style!  Enjoy some other versions too, if you’re so inclined. 😉

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A Bite & Sip of Old-School Santa Barbara

In good company...

You’re in good company here.

Richly flavorful as expected, and while not the single greatest version I’ve ever eaten, indeed a winning incorporation of bacon– chopped into small pieces and mixed evenly among the other main ingredients:  So went my most recent liver-and-onions dinner, this time in Santa Barbara.  It’s a weekly special at this location, served hot though not-quite-hot-enough to counter a rapid drop in temperature, at least in this instance.  As such I polished off my generous plate in a good clip, against the cooling clock that is.  (The arguable and subtle infraction was not enough to send it back.)

Meanwhile, service proved consistent and attentive, once the transition from bland bartendress to talkative table server was complete.  The history is on the wall– literally– and with so many decades of photos and other classic decor to take in, an entire afternoon of “indulgence” seems perfectly reasonable. The copious cocktails runneth over, as well they should– and in this delightfully old-school, red-boothed establishment always do.  And when the time finally comes, the robust coffee will have prepared you for your exit quite comfortably, as of course it did for yours truly, dessert notwithstanding.

Despite minor forgivable hiccups during a crowded dinner hour, my first visit can be considered a success.  I’m confident my imminent second trip to Harry’s Plaza Cafe will be even better.  Join me anytime for a bite and sip, assuming you can locate this discreetly situated local hideaway.

At Harry's...

As you take a seat and get started…


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Beyond The Emblem…

Seeing more and more of them on the road, along with knowing a few people who happily own one, the BMW X1 has really grown on me over the past year or so.  The small “SAV” moves with refreshing distinction amidst its attractive styling, especially in metallic “Valencia Orange” that quite nicely complements its compact size and well-toned body.

BMW X1 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA

BMW X1 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA (Photo:


Such simple praise, however, I simply cannot bestow upon the X1’s latest rival.  Yet again in terms of Mercedes-Benz, unfortunately, I find myself most unimpressed with the new GLA-Class. Having encountered it out and about for my first time this week, I quickly saw beyond the emblem to… well, little more.  Ignoring the three-pointed star, what appeared before me was a bland and far-from-unique shell that could carry just about any logo, especially from the rear– Acura, Toyota and Hyundai quickly come to mind.  Perhaps the GLA just looks too non-German.

Honda?  Kia?  Oh, Mercedes.

Honda? Kia? Oh, Mercedes. (Photo:


Suffice to say, in a purely cosmetic X1 vs. GLA match-up, the former wins hands down.  The latter is unlikely to grow on me anytime soon.  For all my MBZ love, I realize all the more as yet another model dives into a very crowded pool, that my heart remains in the 20th century.


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