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Wouldn’t You Know It.

Three in a row, is it?  True enough, this marks the third consecutive year of Super Bowl commercials that’s leaving me, on the whole anyway, unimpressed.  Not since 2011 have I been altogether razzle-dazzled by a steady stream of spirited spots.  Oh sure, it’s great to see Arnold Schwarzenegger having fun in a long wig, as well as brief glimpses of Erik Estrada and Mary Lou Retton when the ’80s come calling, while Hyundai’s steadily improving body styling definitely deserves another check mark, somewhere.  Still, I’m fairly certain I’ll remember little if any of this annual coveted-yet-costly ad time in a day or two.  As such, my top three favorite 2014 Super Bowl Commercials are as follows, for my own reference as well as yours:

3)  Audi A3:  “Doberhuahua”

2)  Jaguar F-Type Coupe:  “It’s Good to Be Bad”

1)  Chrysler 200:  “America’s Import”– starring Bob Dylan!

Wouldn’t you know it– my three “winners” are all car-related, again!  While there will be scads of recaps, analyses and opinions flowing hither and yon in the coming days, for the final score alone I’d think there’s much more to say about this year’s one-sided game itself.  Then of course there’s Joe Namath’s absolutely fabulous fur coat to save the evening– now that’s impressive!

Joe Namath throws Super Bowl XLVIII’s coin toss in style!  (Photo Courtesy: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)



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