Memorable Reality

05 Nov

I have an idea for a reality TV show, perhaps one that has not yet been thought up.  If so, now’s your chance to steal my big idea and run with it!

The show is:  Searching for a roommate living situation, that is, as the one looking to move into someone’s existing home.  I’ve been in this situation many times off and on throughout the past fifteen years, and I’m currently in it once again.  I simply have to say that my amazement never fails.  The “colorful” characters I meet, to use a neutral term, could not be created any better on paper by a sit-com writer.  And the living conditions in which I encounter these characters, to say the least with the help of another neutral term, are no doubt “memorable.”

Every one of us has a style, a personality and a unique method in which we inhabit our space.  I certainly do!  Finding two “styles” that can successfully co-exist, not to mention three or four or five in some cases, is no small challenge.  I’ll put it to you this way, a little less neutrally:  Nine out of ten people in this world live like absolute pigs, in my organized and orderly opinion.  Trust me on this one.  I have looked at enough shared places for rent in my life, in the past year especially, to come to this conclusion with confidence, and of course with dismay.

Every place, every individual, is a story.  Every space is an episode, or at least a segment of one.  This is where the reality TV show takes off.  You might not believe who and what I’ve come across, or at least you may find it entertaining.  This is a reality that could do very well on air, so perhaps we need to think a bit further about this.

In the meantime, I have more rental spaces to dig up and view.  I’ve looked at two so far now in San Francisco.  I am passing on both, however, “memorable” as they are.

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