A “New” Day

23 Dec

A very wet 101

The road ahead was beyond wet for most of the trip, but it hardly slowed me down.  Rarely anything does.

Back now in L.A. once again, it’s time for my third set of tires on my four-year-old 4Runner.  After 30K on the factory Dunlops, my larger Nittos carried me 56K.  So now, at 86K, my second, identical set of Nittos are getting mounted as I write.

This comes at the same time my bicycle just got a much-awaited new chain and cassette today!  If the weather holds, La Grange is calling me at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  I’ll drive on my new tires to meet up and pedal on my newly serviced road bike!

It’s a “new” day, in more ways than one, whether or not the road ahead remains wet.

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