Irish on Capitol Hill

18 Jan

All of my bar and restaurant reviews here thus far have been of establishments in the Bay Area, until now.

I highly recommend that the next time you’re in our nation’s capitol, you head on over for a few rounds, a hearty meal, and then of course a few more rounds at Kelly’s Irish Times.  As Irish Pubs are my favorite casual social drinking and eating environment, it’s pleasing to find a spot of such robust merriment and revelry nestled within a neighborhood of otherwise buttoned-up and typically quiet Capitol Hill culture.

The pieces of history on the walls, to which I’m attracted in any city, are unprecedented at Kelly’s.  In fact, the description is already written for me on their website:

“Known the world over, not only for being one of the most celebrated Irish Pub’s in America, but for Kelly’s famous wall. With over 100+ years of history gracing this facade, you see details such as 1930’s Dublin Police Patches; one-of-a-kind unopened beer bottles from the 1800s; antique galvanized ice buckets from Glascow; torn Redskins Superbowl tickets, Sonny Jurgensen autographs and a multitude of celebrity/politician what-nots.”

This, combined with live music, generous drinks and a mean fish sandwich, should more than make your evening.  Just steps from Union Station, you’ll easily get there from just about any part of town via Metro.  It’s just around the corner from the Capitol Hill Hyatt, if you happen to be staying there as I was. 

If you love Irish Pubs like I do, you’ll be glad you paid the Irish on Capitol Hill a visit.  I certainly am!

And that’s my opinion.

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Posted by on January 18, 2011 in And That's My Opinion, Restaurants, Travel


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