Dining “Trip”

25 Jan

My “trip” to the Folsom neighborhood restaurant Triptych might be worth a mention. 

I could tell you about the open, airy seating space surrounded by tall walls of attractive artwork, almost as if you were dining in a small, intimate gallery.  If I were to address the inviting wine and beer bar that offers a very unique selection of imported drafts, I’d say you could comfortably sip your selection while appreciating a peaceful atmosphere quite conducive to pleasant table conversation. 

Then, I could go on eliminate the bland, undercooked crabcake sandwich from my menu recommendations, while yawning at the rather pedestrian breaded pork loin.  I’d suggest instead you consider the hearty lamb chops with well-cooked bok choy, if not the heaping bowl of eye-turning paella.

But who am I to say, after all?  I’d just be writing up yet another restaurant review, and you’d simply be getting my own opinion, again.  Perhaps I should let you take your own dining trip to Triptych, where you can sip, taste and decide for yourself.

(I’m waiting.)

Oh, too late.  Maybe next time.

And that’s… what it always is.  🙂

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