Brain Exercise!

12 Nov

Do you know what I’ve come to enjoy, after working, after job searching, after apartment hunting, after cycling, after running, after motorcycling, and even after cocktailing?  Among all else, I’m liking some good logic, some number strategy, and some mental stretching.  All of this comes down to one word:  Sudoku!

These numerical grids can be attacked quickly, usually yielding some rapid initial advances.  The easiest ones can be completed in no time, but more difficult ones will definitely stump even the most season Sudokuite.  (I may have just invented this term.)  In any case, there’s most clearly a difference between the easier and the harder puzzles.  Nonetheless, I find myself feeling a mild addiction to these mind benders.  In some cases, when I’ve finally completed a more challenging one, I’m ready to attack another.

And why not?  This kind of brain exercise is only to our benefit.  Stimulating our brains and our thought patterns is no doubt good for us, at any age.  So, if you’re bored, turn off that stupid TV program and try a Sudoku yourself.  You might get hooked!

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Posted by on November 12, 2010 in Daily Activities


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