To The Saloon We Go

11 Nov

In case you were looking for the Saloon...

“Established in the year of John Wayne’s birth – that would be 1907 – the Comstock in one of the City’s most venerable watering holes and offers a fine respite from a day’s work of grinding out press releases and talking to cranky reporters.”

As such, I’m happy to have paid my first visit tonight to this particular watering hole.  I might not have found it, were it not for tonight’s scheduled get together of PRSA, the Public Relations Society of America. 

Tonight was the monthly “Second Thursday,” an occasion for professionals and job seekers like myself to gather, kibitz and exchange business cards with one hand, while sipping a well-made cocktail in the other.  PRSA is a visible and social organization, no doubt, whom we can thank for the above description of the apparently longstanding and obviously well-established Comstock Saloon.

Tight standing quarters, a captivating drink menu selection, attractive and attentive bartenders, not-big-enough martini glasses, and passable-but-not-remarkable pour levels, all come together to create the vibe of this memorable San Francisco libation location.  Add to the equation the rich antique woodwork, classically styled ceiling fans, and an attention-getting vintage upright piano, complete with live player!  Finally, pack the relatively narrow space with hungry, thirsty and chatty patrons.  Altogether, the unique, history-rich ambiance is now set.  

It’s a feeling of the Old West with urban flair, or perhaps a turn-of-the-century hideaway for discerning city dwellers not quite ready to go home.  The Comstock Saloon is definitely a destination to keep on your list of watering holes!

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