Sushi on Church

18 Nov

For almost ten years now, Warakubune has been my favorite sushi restaurant at which to dine when I’m in San Francisco.  Now that I’m living here, I have all the more opportunity to drop in, funds permitting of course.

Last night seemed like the right night to go.  It’s been more than a few weeks now since I last enjoyed Warakubune’s wide and tempting selections that pass before my eyes on little boats.  My dining companion, however, was not biting; rather, he became intent on our going to another Japanese dining establishment on the same street, this being Church Street just south of Market, a few doors down on the next block.  I had not been to Miyabi before, so in a rare moment of surrender, I allowed him to have his way without any direct fuss.

Miyabi’s sushi bar itself is small, and the bar seating limited.  There are ample tables, however, in both a front and a back room.  Rick and I sat right in the large bay window in the very front, overlooking the sidewalk.  You can guess who chose the table.

Prices at Miyabi are pretty typical; my “dynamite” roll of deep fried spicy tuna topped with albacore cost me $9.95.  I have to say, however, that it was not completely dynamite; I’ll give it a B.  Rick’s soft shell crab roll was attractive and plentiful, though not unusual.  The unagi (eel) sushi was tasty, just the same as most anywhere else.  Already thrown off my track of original sushi plans, I ordered Miyabi’s tempura dinner as well.  I will say:  The quantity of shrimp and vegetables that arrived at the table was impressive.  I ended up eating more than expected, and I definitely got my fill.  Naturally, this is not always an easy accomplishment!

My conclusion is this:  Miyabi was fine, but not phenomenal.  I still would rather have had a pile of little plates in front of me, with passing boats continuing to tempt me with fresh and creative creations.  The next time I’m eating sushi on Church Street, it will be at Warakubune.

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