Why The Prius?

07 Dec

I don’t like it, and I don’t get it.

Just what is it exactly about the Toyota Prius that so many drivers seem to like so much?  Don’t say fuel economy, because there are plenty of car models out there, more and more every year, hybrid and not, that get excellent mileage.  So if that’s what you’re after, you certainly have a multitude of options.

I’ve watched seemingly sane and otherwise tasteful individuals trade in their beautiful, stylish, luxury automobiles, in exchange for the funny-looking, uninspiring Prius.  Sadly, this includes a member of my own family.  Gladly, in turn, my opinion has not gone unexpressed.  In any case, downgrading to a Prius is a truly painful event to hear, let alone see!

Still, I’m an open-minded man.  Yes, I am!  As a close friend of mine initiated the same aforementioned downgrade for herself, I’ve had direct access to one of these oversized golf carts.  As such, I’ve recently taken the opportunity, more than once in fact, to find out just what exactly is all the rage.

Is the “car” on?  Oh, it is.  I need to back up now; how do I put this thing in reverse?  Ah ha, I have to push this little stub upward.  Interesting.  Is there anyone behind me?  Gee, this one’s a toughie, as I can’t see much out the very slanted and obstructed rear window.  I’ll take my chances.  Ok now, where’s drive?  Over and down?  I would not have naturally guessed that.  Finally, let’s punch it!  Wow, this poor little engine is really screaming to keep up with my heavy foot!  Now, freeway speed:  Is this all this thing can do?  Let’s stop at the nearest saloon and take a break.  So to shift into park… Oh, I have to push a button instead?  How would I know to do that?

My conclusion:  The Toyota Prius is confusing, unexciting, and grossly underpowered.  Surrounding visibility is limited, if not absent altogether.  The various electronic indicators built into the cavernous dash strike me as uninteresting and unimportant.  The seats do not seem to want to welcome anyone for any long duration.  And most of all, looking at the car as a whole:  It’s just ugly.  Something positive now, for balance?  Well, I’m told it gets good gas mileage.

I don’t get it.  Why the Prius is so popular?  After this many years on the road, is it still a political statement of any kind?  Do “greenness,” conservation and practicality come with the purchase of a Prius, somehow making the owner feel better about his carbon footprint?  Who knows.  In any case, the Prius seems obviously designed for those completely uninterested in, or oblivious to, any sort of driving performance.

I don’t like it.  Did I say this already?

And that’s my opinion.

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