Open Cycling Road

28 Dec

Earlier this month, I wrote that a day excursion north of San Francisco to the Point Reyes vicinity is an excellent undertaking by motorcycle.  I’m here now to say the same trip works just as well, and in terms of calorie burning even better, by bicycle.

There’s practically no vehicle traffic whatsoever out on the country roads near the little towns of Marshall and Point Reyes Station.  For most of the time, cyclists have the road to themselves, much more so than on the popularly pedaled roads around Woodside.  The pavement up north is typically iffy in a few spots, but thankfully enough most of it is relatively new and smooth, especially along the stretch of Hwy 1 along Tomales Bay known as Shoreline Hwy.

Cycling on Shoreline Hwy along Tomales Bay

Just as I highly recommend the area for a rewarding motorcycle outing, the same goes for a morning, and afternoon, or an entire day, of cycling.  It sure beats stop-and-go city riding, as long as you don’t mind the car trip to get there.  I’ll be back up there soon sans motor, as there’s much more open road to cover.  Our loop yesterday was a mere 35 miles.  Next time we’ll double this!

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