The Necessity of Humor

22 Nov

This Monday morning arrives at the end of a weekend chalk full of TSA talk.  What I discussed here last week is continuing to flourish, more and more every day.  This is to say, the dialogue is continuing, the debate is escalating, the dissent is growing, and refreshingly and thankfully so, the satirical take on airport security is in fresh, full bloom!

For or against the newest airport security procedures, just about everyone seems to have something to say.  This  includes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who appeared yesterday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”  More than just hallow political blabber, she’s actually touching on a key point while perhaps very subtlely steering the debate down the right path.  She says:  “If there’s a way to limit the number of people who are going to be put through surveillance…”  Secretary Clinton is on to something here.  I think I know what it is, and perhaps you do too.  After all, she herself says she would avoid one of the new enhanced pat-downs, while adding that in terms of current airport security processes described by many as overly aggressive, she “understands how offensive it must be.”

In the meantime, Saturday Night Live this past weekend jumped into the overall commentary with this very funny skit.  Humor always makes unpleasant realities more easy to endure, while shining a necessary light on such claims of foolishness, overkill or just plain stupidity.  Thank God for a sense of humor, and for the right to express it!

And that’s my opinion.

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